Ghostbusters Minecraft SMP Server

To celebrate the Holidays and (soon) the end of’s hiatus / pending launch of, we have just launched a brand new Ghostbusters Minecraft SMP Server as our gift to you!

Minecraft is an online collaborative game that allows you to place blocks, craft items and build anything you can image.  Think of it as a giant digital lego world in which you can play with friends from all around the world. At night, monsters come out and you are left to fend for yourself.  All the more reason to build Ghostbusters-inspired monuments to be safe in, like this outstanding Ghostbusters Firehouse made in Minecraft on another server just a few weeks ago.


To connect to the server, you must have a licensed copy of Minecraft (currently around $20 USD).

Once you have your client, choose Multiplayer from the menu, enter and click connect.

As we continue over 16 years online at, and Ghostbusters Central before that, I look forward to expanding and redefining Ghostbusters Fan Projects. Please check the official Ghostbusters Minecraft Discussion thread for rules, resources and community projects.

I look forward to seeing what we build together, see you on the other side!

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